Technique Tip: the Deadlift

Have you ever felt intimidated by the Deadlift? Maybe you’ve seen some cringe-worthy, back-bending lifts going on at the gym, and decided it wasn’t for you – but this week’s technique tip will give you the tools you need to execute this movement safely and confidently.

Watch the video to learn the basics of how to hip hinge and how we progress to more challenging variations, then, decide which variation is best suited to you and go crush it!

To sum up, the three things I want you to always remember when deadlifting are:

  1. Maintain the “tall and tight” neutral spine
  2. Reach the hips back
  3. Drive the floor away to stand tall again

Now, what about the Sumo Deadlift, you ask? The Sumo Deadlift and Conventional Deadlift could both be taught after the Trap Bar variation, with the stance really just depending on our client’s personal preference.

In the Sumo Deadlift, you take a wider stance, requiring some good mobility through your adductors (inner thighs), and you lessen the distance between the bar and your hips; technically, making it easier to drive the hips forward and close that gap. The Sumo Deadlift also reduces the amount you need to hinge down, and lets you use your quads a bit more than in the Conventional Deadlift. Test out both stances, and see what feels the most comfortable for you!

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