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Learn to Love Your Veggies!

Looking to get healthier, but not a fan of the green stuff (or red, yellow, orange, purple, white either)? Vegetables are a must, but if you turn up

Technique Tip: the Deadlift

Have you ever felt intimidated by the Deadlift? Maybe you've seen some cringe-worthy, back-bending lifts going on at the gym, and decided it wasn't for you -

Are You Ready to Run?

Spring has sprung! The sun is out, the grass is getting greener, and all the running enthusiasts are off the treadmill and back outside. Maybe you’ve been thinking

Technique Tips: Bench Press

In this week's technique tip, Heidi goes through the basics of the bench press. Check out the video below, and then read on for some troubleshooting! https://youtu.be/ji7E2P1GiE4

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