Training For Golf – Part 2

Next up in our golf series, we’re talking about building strength. When we talk strength for golf, we’re looking at building the stability needed to keep your joints protected, the muscular endurance necessary to keep up your performance throughout the whole round, and the ability to control your body and move efficiently.

When you swing your golf club, you use strength and power from both your lower and upper body to hit the ball. A strong core means less energy leaks during this transfer of power between the lower and upper body. During your round, you’re constantly, powerfully rotating towards one side only; we want to avoid overuse and reduce the risk of injury by strengthening both rotation movements and movements that resist rotation.

Here are some of our favourite core exercises for golfers:

Another area we want to work on is being able to separate movement of our upper and lower body. We like to practice this with segmental rolling:

And, of course, we need to build some general strength throughout our entire body, to keep things moving properly and to avoid any aches and pains throughout the round. Build those strong hips (hello extension and rotation during the swing) and stable shoulders with movements like these:


Watch next week for part three of the golf series – exercises to build up your power!


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