One Year Roundup: Our Favourite Posts

This week, we’re celebrating one full year since launching our blog, and we wanted to take a look back at our favourite posts from this first year. If you’re new to following us, here are a few gems you may have missed out on!


Heidi’s fave four:

  1. Our Top Self-Care Assignment – this video blog shares a couple breathing drills you can practice, and discusses the impact it may have on your posture, mobility, athletic performance, and your low back pain!
  2. 5 Tips for Losing Weight (the Smart Way) – short, simple, and effective tips that you can put in place immediately to ensure your long-term success.
  3. Conquer Your Bad Habits – …before they conquer you. A few tips on shifting your mindset and making progress toward your goals – whatever they may be!
  4. Overhead Pressing: Qualified and Prepared – find a quick assessment, mobility drills, and strength work to get you shoulder pressing safely and pain-free.

Mitch’s fave four:

  1. What, How, and Why – what you’re doing in the gym is important, but how and why is even more important. Check in to see if you’re making the best choices for your workouts.
  2. Our Clients’ Top Tips for Success – real people, just like you, share how they were able to make lifestyle changes, build healthy habits, and celebrate success both in and out of the gym! There are some great takeaways here for incorporating exercise into your own busy schedule.
  3. Why is Core Strength Important? – …and what exactly is the core? Find out the answers to these questions, along with our top choices for core strengthening exercises.
  4. Ready to Run – a runner’s checklist for mobility, stability, hydration, and energy needs to get you feeling less banged up as you lace up this summer.

Did you see your favourite listed above? Let us know which blog post you enjoyed the most this first year, or what you’d like to see more of by commenting below!


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