Learn to Love Your Veggies!

Looking to get healthier, but not a fan of the green stuff (or red, yellow, orange, purple, white either)? Vegetables are a must, but if you turn up your nose at the thought of eating a salad – you’re not alone.

This week, we’re sharing some information from Precision Nutrition’s article on this very topic. To check out the full article, click HERE. It dives into some of the science behind why different people, with different palates, enjoy different foods – and how, while you’re not crazy for disliking bitter greens, you too, can learn to love them.

Let’s revisit some of the reasons we say those veggies are a must in your diet:

  • they’re packed full of nutrients that your body needs to function properly
  • they’re high in fiber and low in calories – so they keep us feeling fuller without throwing off our caloric balance, plus the fiber helps our digestive system keep trucking along
  • they’re hydrating – the water content of veggies helps to supplement our purposeful fluid intake
  • they offer variety, because there are so many options, so many colours (each with different nutrient profiles), so many potential combinations of flavor!

So, how can you experiment and find some new vegetables that you might actually enjoy? PN recommends pairing your bitter vegetable with some complementary flavors, like the examples in this graphic:

Some final tips as you begin your quest to loving (or at least moderately enjoying) vegetables:

  • don’t get overly caught up in the “best” choice for prepping and cooking your vegetables – the best way is the one that will get you to eat them consistently!
  • start where you are, and celebrate any forward progress – if you’re not eating any vegetables right now, getting one serving in per day is a success! If you are only eating carrots, trying to introduce one more variety is a win!
  • challenge yourself to try one new thing per week; whether that’s a new vegetable, a new method of cooking it, or a new flavor pairing

Worst case scenario? You still don’t like that veggie, and you keep trying to find one you can stomach.



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