Why is Core Strength Important?

First off, what is your “core”? It’s not just your abdominals, but all the muscles the surround the torso and connect the upper and lower limb. And, even if you don’t find yourself in the hunt for the elusive “six pack”, there are still many reasons to build strength throughout the muscles of your core!

  • our core is the center of stability and force transfer for all exercises and daily activities; stronger core = improved performance, balance, strength and power
  • a strong core will reduce your risk of injury, protect the spine, and reduce chronic low back pain
  • core strength can contribute to better posture, putting you in a better position to BREATHE properly (see our previous post on why this is so important in itself!)
  • we use our core to support all of our movements, every day

Many times, we walk into a gym and see members doing tons of crunches – in every variation possible. While it’s true that your abdominal muscles will flex the trunk, the most important action of your core is to resist outside forces and maintain stability and alignment of the spine. It only makes sense, then, for us to include exercises in our training programs that challenge your core to resist extension, flexion, rotation, and side bending.

Check out the videos below for a few of our favorites, and then give them a try – always maintaining a neutral spine and activating your abdominals by stacking your ribs over your hips.

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