Conquer Your Bad Habits

“Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you.” – Rob Gilbert

This quote popped up on a webinar I attended last week, and it really resonated with so much of what we talk to our clients about here in the gym.

We preach day in and day out about how consistency is the key to success. The many little things you do each day accumulate to have a much bigger impact on your health and fitness goals than sporadic events; in cases of both progress and hindrance.

Tackling your bad habits can range anywhere from reducing snacking in the evenings, to better rest and recovery, or simply a shift in mental state. All of these aspects of health will contribute to your ability to achieve your goals. So, you missed a whole week of workouts? Next week is a clean slate to get back on the horse.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen bad habits conquer our clients in the past. One client in particular comes to mind, who, for a long time, followed a yo-yo pattern of trying to go “all-in” and make major changes, only to fall off track a few weeks or a few months down the line. Because he failed to be “perfect”, he felt that he couldn’t succeed in reaching his goals, and he would flip to the attitude of “why even bother”. Because he couldn’t stay consistent for any significant chunk of time, he didn’t see the progress he wanted, and reverted back to all the bad habits that had left him feeling unhealthy in the first place. A more moderate approach of tackling one bad habit at a time could have helped him reach his goals sooner, and in a sustainable way, but it is sometimes hard to practice the patience required to see things through this way.

How can this apply to some of your bad habits?

When it comes to nutrition, break out of the restriction and bingeing cycles, and acknowledge that one “perfect” meal can’t make up for a bunch of junk in the same way that one “indulgent” meal can’t wreck months of hard work.

When it comes to getting active, keep in mind that one hour in the gym cannot outmatch a sedentary lifestyle. Find ways to move more throughout your day and find fun activities that don’t feel like a “workout” to take part in with your loved ones.

When it comes to posture, try to increase your awareness of how you sit and stand throughout the day. Be conscious of alignment as you lift or carry objects, or as you spend hours at your desk. Take time for self-care, whether that be stretching, self-massage, or booking an appointment with your favorite massage therapist!

When it comes to seeing progress, be realistic in your expectations and patient with results. Make sure you’re not stuck in your comfort zone – challenge yourself appropriately to continue to see improvements.

So, how can you start taking action to conquer your bad habits? Start by taking a long look at what you do every day and take stock of what may be negatively impacting your goals. Pick one habit to improve on this month – just one – and knock that out of the park. Don’t try to do too much at once! And, if you fall off track, don’t be too hard on yourself. Give yourself permission to start with a clean slate tomorrow.

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